Our Mission

Canada Credit Cares is a social responsibility program that builds on the Canada Credit’s mission of addressing important financial issues, as well as social and humanitarian issues, across Canada and around the world.

We have always been active members in the education forum, with a main goal to end fiscal and credit illiteracy to Canadians.  We are much larger than an agency that teaches and debt awareness, credit responsibility and how to avoid or recover from bankruptcy!  We are a company with Big hearts and Big hands, that can help make our communities even better!

We are not a charity and nor do we want your money.  Our goal take the money out of our own pockets, the time out of our own day and help spread love and kindness onto those in need.  With that all being said, each and every month you will notice that we carefully select a new and different cause…..  like what we are doing simply support us by spreading the word, donate or volunteer with us.

This year Canada Credit Cares is renewing its commitment to communities around the world by inspiring and teaching and education of credit values to more than 20,000 Canadians, while donating the profits to children’s related funds, animal shelters, homeless foundations, food banks and various cancer initiatives.  Our goal is to help out any which way we can!  Need volunteers?  Count on us!  Need fundraising?  We are here to help and donate!  Know a family that just needs a helping hand?  Bring it on!

We are not a charity and nor are we interested in the politics or the red tape!  We are simply here to help, assist and aid people, causes or existing charities in need.
Why? Because Canada Credit Cares!

Causes we Care About

Animal Welfare

Cancer Foundations

Arts and Culture


Civil Rights and Social Action

Economic Empowerment

Science and Technology

Financial Literacy

Who Is Credit Slab?

Who Canada Credit is – Advocates for REAL credit improvement solutions. Developed their own technology etc.
What they do – Assisting Canadians with responsible credit and improving their fiscal situations. Breaking the cycle etc.
Where they are – In your community in Canada coast to coast helping people rebuild their credit lives and educating people on fiscal literacy and responsible debt management.
Why? – Because we care and noticed that the problem of fiscal literacy was a consistent problem with Canadians.
Our Goal in time! – To help aid in the education of Canadians and help because we care! Welcome to Canada Credit Care!

For more information, please visit www.creditcanada.net.

Message From Sheldon Wolf

Most people that know me may know me in several ways. Those that are my friends know me as a man who would give the shirt off of my back to anyone, just to help out. Those that know me in the business world know me as an entrepreneur who develops products and services to HELP improve people’s credit, HELP manage their debts, HELP obtain their mortgages or HELP acquire a home for their family.  A man with many umbrellas; however the bottom line is each and every day I wake up in the morning ready to HELP people! I guess when I think about it I spend that majority of my day giving back; and as a result I have been blessed with prosperity and success.  I thank those for allowing me to help them and I still truly get excited each time when I hear the success stories of a client that know owns a home as a result of one of our credit improvement programs.  Or perhaps the feeling of triumph I share with a customer who suffered major credit issues due to an accident or illness and 12 months later they are fiscally back on their feet as a result the Canada Credit programs.

I am proud to announce our newest program for Canada Credit. This program will not turn a profit for us, it will not make us any money and nor will it pay for fancy trips or new cars for me, or any of my staff. On the other hand, each and every month it will make our world and our communities a little bit better. As many of you know our company has continued to grow despite the harsh economic climate here in Canada. We have been very fortunate; that while many companies are cutting jobs and delivering pink slips, we are creating jobs and keeping the wheels turning for many Canadian families. With that all said, we would like to spread our prosperity back into the communities and give back a piece of our success each and every day of the year!  We do not support any one specific person, cause or charity organization; in alternative we will aid and assist with donations, volunteering and fund raising for a different and worthy cause each and every month. Know a person or family in need? A special charity dear to your heart? Or a cause that simply needs to be known? Let us know as we are now building our 2016 Calendar and will endeavor to help out in anyways we can each and every month. Hopefully, kindness grows in all corporations in all communities!!

It is my goal to start a trend so that all corporations give back to the very communities in which they work.  One small seed shall grow into a mighty tree!  This mighty tree shall produce more seeds and one day creates a powerful forest!

I am very pleased and honored to be part of this program and will personally be involved in each and every endeavor!  Let’s all make our life in our communities a better place, for everyone!

Sheldon Wolf – President  ~ Canada Credit Fix