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If your credit score is lower than you want it to be, let Canada Credit help.

How to improve my credit score to improve my lifestyle

How does a credit score have anything to do with how you live your life?

Your finances and score on your report matters because it all affects so many facets of your life. Ever had thoughts like these?

  • “Why can’t I buy products when I’m online shopping and not feel guilty?”
  • “Where is the cheapest gym membership?”
  • “If I took cooking classes, I could have my family over and be the one cooking for them for once.”
  • “I want to go out at night with my friends, wine and dine without checking my bank account the whole time.”
  • “New furniture for my apartment would be great.”

It matters whether your score is good or bad because you should be able to do what you yearn for in your own life. Though if bad finances are in the way, it affects people doing what they wish in their life.

With Canada Credit Cares, you can fix your credit score do you can live life the way you want to.

For a happy life, it should contain hobbies, things that make you smile and fill you up with joy. The Huffington Post has a list on how to be happy, with one that states to, “Spend money on experiences.” With money problems, it can be difficult to do that. It even goes into more detail on how exercising, developing your cooking skills, and spending money on other people can help.

Not having a high number for your score can affect your livelihood, employment, even transportation. But if you choose to make your credit better, you can improve your way of life, and have money to do the things you want.

“I don’t even have a credit card and no debt! I should be fine!”

Not having a credit card is not a positive thing. An article from Time goes into detail of why lack of credit is disadvantageous and could make you appear dubious to potential lenders. No visual trail, no way to see if you’re good with your funds.

But be careful! Too much credit and too many cards aren’t good either. It depends on your debt-to-income ratio.

Where to begin?

If you aren’t protecting and checking in on your financial information, start now. Canada Credit states in their credit protection information that according to The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, “… almost 16 billion dollars in losses directly related identity theft and fraud.” Do not let that become a reality for you.

Look at the credit score averages in Canada. It’s good to know the general idea of where it should and could be.

Get in the right mindset. Without the proper motivation, or if you put stress on yourself, no progress will happen.

What to do?

Check your credit report at least once a year. The Government of Canada states you should request a copy of it from one company, such as Equifax, wait six months, then request from another. TransUnion, for instance.

Pay your whole balance on time, every single month. Or do your best at keeping the number as low as possible, according to Experian.

Make a budget and stick to your budget! Put funds away so you can’t even see it and pretend it doesn’t exist. Calculate your spending each day on meals and coffee and look at the total at the end of the week. More than you may think when you picture it all together that.

Keep your credit and financial history as long as you can. If your history is short, less evidence exists to whether it is satisfactory.

Have multiple types of credit on the go. states, “Consumers with a ‘mix’ of credit types on their credit reports tend to be not so risky than those who have experience with only one type of credit.”

We are not saying that a good credit score or money is the key to happiness. Though it makes life easier, and easier to do the things that bring us happiness.



Canada Credit cares about Canadians credit score!

How lousy are credit scores in Canada?

Averages in Canada, and when to think more about your score

Your credit score is your monetary portfolio. Every individual has a unique one based on their personal financial position and all that factors into it.

There is a numeric number between 300 and 600 to pinpoint a person’s score. The Government of Canada explains how credit ratings work in North America. They even delve into how being high on the scale means less liability and uncertainty for the company who is lending. Vice versa, a lower score means more risk.

Why does it matter so much?

Every person who has applied for credit or a loan in the past has a credit score. Everyone should know what it is. All the companies that handle your finances send information about your money. Your credit score can affect lots in your life; when you try to buy a house or a car, get a new job, or even take out student loans.

Equifax and TransUnion are the two big credit bureaus in Canada at the moment. There was a big security breach for Equifax earlier this year, so beyond knowing the score, you should take steps to make sure your finances are protected.

Money Sense states there being five main factors that go into determining each one based on, “payment history, outstanding debt, credit account history, recent inquiries and types of credit.” For example, factors such as whether you have a bad habit of not paying bills on time, or how much debt you owe versus your limit. Even how many accounts you handle.

What is a good credit score versus bad credit score?

According to the Huffington Post Canada, “The average Canadian scores around 600, with numbers in the 700 and above considered ‘very good.'”

Though the earlier mentioned Money Sense article claims the typical Canadian score is around 700, and, “Anything under 620 could affect your ability to secure a loan.”

A different point of view is being over 700 doesn’t matter because they are “a no-brainer” and will be given approval this article states from The Globe and Mail. But, the score may likewise shift in an instant from your actions.

With bad credit or no credit, Canada Credit cares about Canadians and getting their credit score where it should be.

How are Canadians doing?

Canada shows statistical information from 2015 from Equifax, which conveys the most common rating was between 680 and 749. Canadians within that margin were 21.4%.

Those with the safest numbers (750 or above) were at 60.51%. Those under 520, or “extreme risk” were only at 2.85%.

Loans Canada delves even further into the numbers and states chances are doubtless a person with a score of 780 or higher gets permission for a loan. Though, “Individuals whose credit scores are less than 500 will not get approved for new credit and should seek credit improvement help.” In between those, there will be a higher interest rate because of the risk, getting loans won’t be easy, and individuals should look into repairing scores if under 579.

Want a comparison of those in the U.S.? Likewise, with 2015 info, an article from Value Penguin states, “The average credit score in the United States is at an all-time high of 695. Though different scoring models exist, which cause this figure to fluctuate by a few points, most fall between 660 to 720.”

Canadians and those from the U.S. are doing well on average! But if you want help, ways to approach raising your score are possible!

Do you think you need to make some changes to your credit score?

Is budgeting or money saving at the top of your list? Canada Credit can help!

How to fix my credit score for my New Year’s resolution

A credit score can suffer while celebrating the holiday season. Christmas! Gifts! Food! Family! Friends!

But when the holidays end, your financial position may not be too happy with you. A bad credit score affects many aspects of your life.

Global News states millennials are spending more money on gifts this month than any other age group and plan to spend a lot more than last year. Even with their mountain of debt.

The article further states over half of the Canadian respondents admitted to going over their budget. Also, “41% admitted that they can’t afford to spend as much as they think they will.”

Not even one-third of Canadians make resolutions.

In 2017, statistics show 33% of Canada had fitness as their main resolution, whereas money centered goals were second at only 21%.

Don’t make money mistakes that will make 2018 stressful. You should focus on it now, not be neglecting it.

Start your credit score New Year’s resolution early

First, get the right mindset to ensure you stick to a resolution. Have faith in yourself and erase any doubts.

Are your finances and credit score where they should be? For your New Year's Resolution, Canada Credit Cares can help you get them where you want them.

Truly look after your credit score and money, considering recent occurrences with Equifax.

The American Psychological Association suggests starting small and realistic to make sure your resolution sticks. It is not realistic to fix it as you would a zipper.

Stress builds with money on the mind. APA gives a great reminder to keep people informed in your life who support you. Nothing is wrong with asking advice or help. Be calm, patient and communicative.

Forbes believes people should establish fair goals first. The article mentions having “SMART” goals: “specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.” Know your personal credit score specifics and status by keeping in contact with Equifax and TransUnion.

Try to save money when possible. There are ways to reduce spending on big necessities. Financing is available for household items, and we have found online shopping to be cheaper nearly always.

Household debt is precarious at the moment, according to The Globe and Mail. Mortgage borrowing and debt are only increasing. The Bank of Canada, “… considers the country’s high household debt levels to be the biggest source of vulnerability for the country’s economic outlook and financial-system stability.” There are solutions.

Make yourself remember to pay. To reduce your debt and make that pesky credit score better, payments should be regular. Online banks will send reminders if set up.

Do not go over your credit limit. Perhaps obvious, but one of the main things that can mess everything up and set you back instead of forward. We’ve all been there.

Get solid credit advice and aid for credit scores to make your credit rate better, and faster.

Don’t worry if you slip. Mistakes happen, and that is how we grow as humans!


But get back to your goal.



Need some help with raising your credit score? Look no further! Canada Credit will get you through any financial troubles.

Credit Score Affects Equifax TransUnion

What Affects Credit Score, with Equifax and TransUnion

Credit score affects virtually every facet of your life.

Negative information can stay on your credit report for six, seven, ten, up to fourteen years, and become negative for your credit score. Equifax and TransUnion are the two bureaus in Canada that manage credit and have differences in how they handle credit. Research and find out which works the best for your personal financial needs.

Errors on your credit can appear and change your score even if it’s an overlook. Have you been checking yours?

Bad credit can affect everyone in your life. Let Canada Credit make sure you're money is protected!Have all the information. You can use both Equifax and TransUnion if you wish, and they will probably grant you two different credit scores because they each apply unique programs and formulas to come up with the number. But they won’t be too different.

Just how much damage can your bad credit score do to you?

A lot! Have a look:


My apologies for turning to a tough note right now. But this information is relevant and important! Relationships can end because of bad credit. Many studies and articles prove so. It does depend on the person and their stance on money, of course, but money problems could put a strain on any relationship.


Did you see Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette? Never, to my knowledge, has a contestant brought up asking the men for their credit scores in the past seasons. It can be an enormous matter in a relationship and whether you want to pursue a future with someone. Financial distress may lead to relationship distress and emotional distress.


To attend university or college with no loans is a marvelous feat, though it’s not a reality for many Canadians. This article from VICE states, “… students are left with a collective debt of $28.3 billion according to a 2012 report from Statistics Canada.”

Student loan payments can become troublesome to wrap your head around if the proper strategy and execution aren’t done. If payments are not on time, it may be negative to your credit score. Then affect many other aspects of life. After getting an education and graduating, students are expected to go into the world knowing everything about their expenditures and being prepared to pay everything right away. Not reasonable!


It always depends on the lender in the end whether they approve an auto loan or not. Interest rates will differ, depending on the individual credit score. Shopping around is crucial. The same vehicle may cost much higher for one individual versus the other, Loans Canada explains.

Parking and traffic tickets can be neglected and escalate. Those pesky and annoying tickets are more hurtful than you may think! Unpaid parking tickets could appear on your report if the figures are that poor. Your score will most likely move back up after paying.


Unpaid parking tickets can affect your credit score. A bad credit score could mean not being able to get an auto loan. Credit Canada Cares wants you get the transportation you need.


Food, water, shelter, clothing. One can endure without shelter in particular demographics and conditions. What I mean, is the ability to rent a house or apartment could definitely be affected by your poor score. Or ability to become a homeowner. Or approval for a mortgage or property insurance! These things do matter when thinking of your home.

Credit reports can disclose if you pay your rent or not. Landlords, therefore, raise the cost of your damage deposit or turn you down altogether.

When referring to home insurance, both parties do say different things. But sources state, “representatives of the insurance industry will argue that a credit score is an accurate reflection of a person’s behavior and level of financial responsibility.”

The same report from DMW Insurance Ltd. states, “MoneySense magazine reported in 2013 that rates could increase by as much as 80% based on credit scores. In certain instances, coverage may not get approval.”

Premiums and insurance costs could skyrocket with a bad credit score.

Don’t be discouraged. There are options!

Landlords could raise rent or turn down people because of their bad credit score. Home insurance may not be an option when buying a home. Don't let that happen to you!


Potential employers will check your credit score. Most likely.

If errors are in your report, it is at the will of the employer whether they hire you or not. Or they could glance at your past employment and contact information. Does depend on the job that is being applied for.

The Huffington Post published an article about a Canadian man who did not get a job because of his credit score. The economic downturn affected his credit, but the matter still ended in rejection.

Are you an entrepreneur? Want to open a small business? The bank checks not only your business credit score but your personal credit score. Though, the reasons behind the numbers are taken into account.

According to an article from The Business Development Bank of Canada and Valérie Bornais, Manager at BDC’s Entrepreneurship Centre in Quebec City, “If it’s the result of an unfortunate event, such as a divorce, but the idea is sound, people are more willing to take a risk and help you out.”

From Equifax Canada numbers and Credit Karma, here is the ranking of credit score numbers.

Options exist to help get your score back up and make sure it remains protected.



Make sure your money is in a good place. Fix your credit, protect it, and keep it that way with CanadaCredit.

Data breach Damage Control: Equifax, Your Credit Score What to Do to Protect Your Information

Have you been affected by the Equifax data breach? Are you worried your credit score will be affected? How does this incident affect the protection of your credit?

Rest assured, you are not alone. Thousands of Canadians are a part of the security breach last summer and over 145 million people in total. Some of the information stolen includes personal addresses, driver’s license numbers, birthdays, Social Insurance numbers and Social Security numbers.

According to Global News, with the information that was taken, it is enough for the thieves to literally “hijack” the identities of millions of people, and cause near-irreparable damage to their lives.

If you haven’t taken any steps yet to protect your personal finance, information, finances or score since the security breach yet, don’t worry.

We’ve compiled a list of what you should do, whether a part of the Equifax credit security breach or not.

  • See if you’ve been affected in Canada or the United States. Check your current accounts for anything unauthorized. Report right away if you see anything.
  • Check your credit report periodically. Your financial activity can change over time, and it reflects on the report.
  • Set up an identity fraud alert as soon as possible. Freeze your credit if you are in the United States. Use Equifax credit freeze if it applies. The rules are different wherever you are in Canada and the United States though, so ensure you take the correct steps.
  • Receive a free credit report and remove any errors. Then check the report again. Errors canAffected by the Equifax data breach? Even if you weren't, you should be protecting your credit, and personal information.  happen more often than some would think. It will help you get better rates and essentially show you how to save money. The best personal finance is keeping track, and making sure it is all correct. Most bureaus give you a free annual report. Here’s the Equifax free report. Go to one, then another a few months later.
  • Change all of your passwords regularly for all of your personal accounts – whether it be for your bank accounts, social media, anything. Doing it too often is not a bad thing! This website checks if you email, or even if your username has been breached before.
  • You will want to get rid of any old documents with personal information on it. Old bank statements, online shopping documents, bills, etc. Shred it! Have a bonfire! You’ll feel better afterward.

Last but not least: Hope that Santa posts his credit card information on the internet one day!

Canada Credit Cares Aids Displaced Fort McMurray Families, Donates to Red Cross

Canada Credit Cares makes sizable donation to the Canadian Red Cross’ relief efforts for the Fort McMurray wildfire

CEO Sheldon Wolf opens his various portfolio of homes to families displaced by the emergency

On May 3rd, a wildfire reached the economic hub of the Alberta oil patch region. The entire city of Fort McMurray was evacuated. Over 80,000 people were forced to leave as the fire consumed over 10,000 hectares of prairie and forest land. It destroyed over 1600 buildings. Some neighborhoods lost up to 80 per cent of their homes, causing millions of dollars in damage. Entire neighborhoods are no longer there.

For now, residents of Fort McMurray resettle in nearby towns, industrial camps, and make their way to Edmonton and Calgary. An appeal by local government called in an emergency response and aid from the provincial and national government. This resulted in the gathering of firefighters, police and armed forces to the disaster area. An outpour of support and donations from the public followed.

Canada Credit Cares lives up to its name

In response to this appeal, CEO of Canada Credit, Sheldon Wolf, made a sizable donation. He chose the Red Cross relief program for the victims of the fire. The company also gave several homes rent free as temporary shelter to families.

Wolf explained, “We encourage all individuals and corporations to do whatever they can in these times of emergency. It’s mind blowing to think that a few days ago, it was just another day for those in Fort Mac. How fast things can change. Whether you know any of these people or not, please keep in mind, they are still our family. And they need our support right now.”

CEO personally gives aid

Wolf also owns a successful real estate company, Empire Citi Properties. It serves Calgary, Okotoks and Airdrie. The company has also been donating the temporary usage of several homes in the greater Calgary area.

“As a proud Albertan. We have also offered up all of our vacant homes free of charge as temporary relief to the homeless,” Wolf stated.

Wolf has made these offers during past times of disaster. During the 2012 Calgary flood, he offered his vacant properties to families forced out of their homes.The Bow River flooded large portions of Calgary and High River. Also he personally donated money to help with flood disaster assistance. Even volunteering his own time and physical efforts to aid in the cleanup.

Ongoing aid from the company

The donation of money and living space is being made on behalf of the Canada Credit Cares program. The social responsibility initiative is an extension of the Canada Credit Improvement System & Trade, and Canada Credit programs. They have led many charitable efforts in the past. This includes Kids Up Front, the Calgary Humane Society, Inn from the Cold, and Little Mutts. They have also made donations to local families and individuals in need.

Thanksgiving is no exception. Canada Credit Cares’ food drive provided donations and turkeys to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. Beyond that, their Adopt-a-Family program provides for a family during the holiday season. Another initiative in January was providing financial help to an individual who could not work due to surgery.

Their veterans program also aids active Canadian Armed Forces personnel and veterans by offering their services pro bono. Also veterans and current CAF members receive discounted setup fees for their credit repair and credit rebuilding programs.

All of this is done through the Canada Credit Cares program. As a natural extension of Canada Credit’s mission, to help those in need. Not only in matters of financial, credit and debt, but also basic human necessity. Reaching out when hardship strikes and helping the vulnerable affected.

The job is not done

The efforts of one company, however, is not enough for a disaster of this magnitude. As natural disaster strikes the oil patch capital, Wolf calls on the corporate and business community. Calgary and beyond should do more. He encourages all corporations and communities to give generously. To give back to the communities that support and make not only this province, but nation strong.

Wolf encourages everyone to help. Businesses, communities and individuals with time and money to spare. Go to the Canadian Red Cross website. Send charitable donations to help aid victims of the Fort McMurray wildfire. Even notify Canada Credit Cares through their website to call attention to community based charitable needs. Raise awareness for worthwhile causes.

At this time, Fort McMurray is in desperate need of help. Canada Credit Cares has answered that call, and hopes others will do the same.


9625 MacLeod Trail SW

Calgary AB, T2J 0P6

Canada Credit Cares & Kids up Front Help Underprivileged Children Attend Games & Events

Canada Credit Cares donates front row Calgary Flames tickets to Kids Up Front, a charitable organization that dedicates itself to giving underprivileged children a chance to see live events.

Canada Credit Cares, charitable initiative of Canada Credit and its affiliated companies, have teamed up again for a noble cause. Kids Up Front gives underprivileged and deserving kids the chance to see live sports, including the Calgary Flames, concerts and more. Together, this team-up will win more than games. It’ll also win the hearts of the kids who get to attend the events.

Director of the Canada Credit Cares program, Sheldon Wolf, is a long-time Calgary Flames fan. Wolf chose to donate seats to multiple games during the 2015-2016 season to KUF. This gave underprivileged children a once in a lifetime chance to see the Calgary Flames in action. On home ice, nonetheless. Up front is literally where the children sit, thanks to Canada Credit Cares, as the donated tickets are front row.

Canada Credit Cares for multiple causes

The Canada Credit Cares program dates back to late 2015. Also from the mind of Canada Credit CEO Sheldon Wolf, to raise awareness for charitable causes. More so, to encourage charitable participation from his companies, and the corporate community as a whole. Canada Credit Cares charitable drives include volunteer time with the organization Inn from the Cold. Beyond that, monetary donations to family and animal causes, including Little Mutts Society, Calgary Humane Society, and Adopt-a-Family. This program in particular helps families hit hard with job loss and unforeseen circumstances get through tough times. Even food donations to the Calgary Food Bank, and much more.

Their latest program is designed to help veterans of the Canadian Armed forces hit financially by hard times. It offers our veterans pro bono services for their credit repair, and credit improvement programs.

The best Calgary Flames seats!

Being a long time fan of the Flames, company president Wolf chose to share the experience of live games with kids. Wolf donated front row tickets to KUP, so that underprivileged and deserving children can now see NHL stars play live. Thanks to Wolf, they’ll have the best seats in the stadium during home games! Seated next to the visitor’s bench, first row, to watch Calgary’s star players light up the lamp.

As an experienced philanthropist, Wolf found his passion for the Flames, and desire to help others, a winning formula. To bring smiles, and even maybe help inspire future champions.

How Kids Up Front began

The organization was founded by former Calgary businessman John Dalziel. After attending an event at the Calgary Saddledome, and seeing empty seats all around. His tickets were complimentary, and it made him think about other complimentary tickets. Many of the vacant seats were also complimentary seating bought up by businesses and organizations. But, were sadly being unused.

Dalziel had the sudden idea for those seats to go to families in need. To let underprivileged children see a world class sporting event. Then, he comes up with the Kids Up Front charity, with the expressed goal of those seats being used. Also, getting the corporate community to better use their gratuity tickets. Bringing kids to live events they normally would not be able to attend, due to circumstances beyond their control.

Kids Up Front is expanding

Since 1999, KUF has provided over one million tickets to deserving children and families. With chapters in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton, for events such as arts, culture, sport and recreational events. New chapters are currently developing in Ottawa and Halifax.

KUF is no small charity. Over 30,000 tickets per year distributed, and a total approximate value of tickets distributed at 13 million. The organization has also attracted national sponsors, such as Corus Entertainment, CIBC and TD Financial. All the while, garnering local partnerships with local businesses. Calgary teams such as the Stampeders (CFL), Flames (NHL), and Hitmen (WHL) are a huge support. Beyond those, the BC Lions (CFL), the Vancouver Canucks (NHL), and the Vancouver Giants (WHL). Even the Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment and much more are helping and playing a big part in this worthwhile cause. They also team up with charities and philanthropic organizations to help find local event tickets for those who deserve it.

Children shouldn’t be denied the chance to see the big game because it’s out of their reach, or too expensive. For many, it’s a once in a lifetime chance. Thanks Sheldon Wolf’s generosity through Canada Credit Cares and KUF, kids have a special chance to see their hometown heroes play.

Canada Credit Cares about Veterans, Waives Setup Fees for Credit Rebuilding Services

Canada Credit Cares launched its latest program for current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces. All CAF and Canadian veterans will have their veterans credit repair setup fees waived. Veterans and CAF members are also automatically approved for any Canada Credit and Canada Credit Fix programs.

Veterans Credit Repair Initiative

Canada Credit Cares launches its latest charitable initiative today. Offering CAF veterans special discounts for its veterans credit repair and credit score rebuilding services. This new drive to help CAF veterans waives setup fees as well as automatically approves veterans for program membership. Helping Canada’s peacekeeping veterans is part of Canada Credit Cares’ drive to help. Canada Credit Cares recognizes the sacrifices veterans make in their lives in order to serve their country.

Veteran Hardships

It is not uncommon to hear stories about financial hardships for Canadian veterans. The National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman released a report in 2013. It was titled “On the Homefront: Assessing the Well-being of Canada’s Military Families in the New Millennium.”
In the report, key issues were identified as contributing to financial hardships for Canadian forces families. These issues included separation and hardship caused by overseas deployments. Employment issues for families due to geographical relocation were also mentioned. Other obstacles included off-base housing costs, suitable housing, accessing social benefits and health care and raising families.

Veterans wounded in the line of duty have to handle a variety of issues. This includes health care costs, loss of employment and insufficient benefits to handle financial hardship. Not to mention the physical and psychological effects of their wounds. These issues have become more pronounced since Canada’s deployment to Afghanistan and the effects are not exclusively physical. It is not uncommon to hear about veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression both during and after deployment. Difficulties in acquiring proper treatment and sufficient benefits to cover costs compound these issues.

Financial Struggles

Canadian forces members are proud of their service and receive more support than in the past. But, there are veterans and serving CAF members that fall under financial hardships. This can be due to the rigors and trials of military life and post military civilian life. Under these conditions it’s difficult to maintain a positive financial record and credit score. Hence the need for veterans credit repair. These problems are compounded when extended to their spouses. Whom also have to share in the burdens involved with military life. Relocation, loss of work, injury, delays in benefits and difficulty finding gainful, stable employment result in late payments. These can affect their credit reports, dragging down a healthy Equifax and Transunion credit score and rating.

Canada Credit and Canada Credit Fix; Here to Help

Canada Credit and Canada Credit Fix CEO Sheldon Wolf extended an offer to waive the veterans credit repair setup fees. This is for the Canada Credit, Canada Credit Fix, and Credit Advise programs. These are available to all CAF members and veterans. Veterans are granted automatic approval to these programs just for applying. It is Canada Credit Cares’ way of contributing to the well-being of all past and present members of the CAF. Acknowledging their sacrifice and the financial issues facing hard working and loyal armed forces personnel. Wolf has also announced that in some cases his firm will be offering veterans credit repair restoration pro-bono. This is to help veterans acquire the accurate credit that they deserve.

Sheldon Wolf wants to give back to our veterans and armed forces personnel. Their loyalty, hard work and service to their country is incredible. Current and past members of the armed forces will also receive automatic approval for veterans credit repair. And credit improvement programs through Canada Credit Cares. The armed forces lifestyle includes sacrifices and hardship. But, it should not come at the expense of their financial record. Armed forces members both past and present deserve financial solvency like anyone else.

Canada Credit Cares is proud to help alleviate financial pressures for our veterans. And our current serving members of the armed forces through their latest charitable initiative.

Talkin’ Turkey

Holiday Food Drive for the Calgary Food Bank.

From a small seed grows an opportunity. An opportunity for us to celebrate our success and give back to the very communities that we live in. I would like to personally thank each and every one that contributed into making our Holiday Sharing Food Drive so wonderful. These are the same people that come into the office each and every day and give 110% of themselves to our causes!

Many people are amazed at how fast our company has grown but, I can assure you that I am not surprised at all! We have created a positive office culture and assembled so many incredible and talented people together under one roof. I have never been more proud of my group and I wish each of them success and prosperity in the New Year!

Happy Holidays!

Canada Credit Care will be Adopting Families

Every family, even the less fortunate, should not be left out for this joyous holiday season. By donating and adopting, we intend to bring hope and encouragement to those who are struggling.  That’s why this month — and going forward — we will be adopting a family to donate goodies to lift up their spirits.

We are pleased to announce our Newest Adopted Family – Christmas 2015

This year we have selected a wonderful local family right here in Calgary, Alberta.  We chose our adopted family based on the fact the Mom of three children is struggling and yet doing such an amazing job with very little.  It is our understanding that fridges and freezers are close to bare and each month is a task to get by.  Our corporate policy “No one gets left behind” was taken into play when we decided to help out this family.  Our entire office staff is very excited to play Secret Santa and surprise these kids with gifts and mom a fridge full of groceries!  Heck…..  even the fluffy pets will get some Holiday cheer and bones from us!

Every month we will be looking for a local family to adopt. Please stay tune for more pics of the goods we will be providing for these families.

From our Family to yours, Have a safe and healthy Holiday!

The Canada Credit Gang!

Should you know a family in need, please contact us and share the story!  Maybe we can help.