A percentage of our monthly sales will go towards a different Charity each month! We will be picking different causes, groups and individuals to donate to. Find out how you can help.

Our Mission

Canada Credit Cares is a social responsibility program that builds on Canada Credit’s mission of addressing important financial issues, as well as social and humanitarian issues, across Canada and around the world.We have always been active members in the education forum, with a main goal to end fiscal and credit illiteracy to Canadians.  We are much larger than an agency that teaches and debt awareness, credit responsibility and how to avoid or recover from bankruptcy!  We are a company with Big hearts and Big hands, that can help make our communities even better!

Our Community Involvements

Inn from the Cold - Volunteer

March 2015 – Present | Poverty Alleviation
Such a wonderful organization. Canada Credit Fix and Canada Credit is please to be a part of the hard work that these folks do each and every day.

Calgary Food Bank - Volunteer & Donations

– Present | Poverty Alleviation

It is our pleasure to help out our communities any chance that we can. We are very privileged and love giving back to our fellow man. Our companies are directly connected with fiscal and credit awareness and many of our customers are victims of harsh economic setbacks. It is our goal to help end poverty in Canada.

The Calgary Humane Society - Donation

– Present | Animal Welfare

We firmly believe that animals are our best friends. We also believe that our pets are a large and fun part of our family. As an individuals and as a corporations we must all work together to insure our animals are responsibly cared for and loved. We are proud to continue our frequent donations and would like to thank the folks at the shelters for their amazing and hard work.

Little Mutts Rescue Society - Donations

– Present | Animal Welfare

These guys are some of my favorite people. For the love of little critters these people work endlessly to help lil mutts all across North America. We are please to provide secret ongoing donations to assist with your amazing work. Shhhh…..

Our Voice

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