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Canada Credit Cares Aids Displaced Fort McMurray Families, Donates to Red Cross

Canada Credit Cares, in response to the wildfire that’s ravaged Fort McMurray and made hundreds homeless, made a sizable donation to the Canadian Red Cross’ relief efforts while CEO Sheldon Wolf opens his various portfolio of homes to families displaced by the emergency.

On May 3rd, a wildfire reached the economic hub of the Alberta oil patch region, Fort McMurray, resulting in a total town evacuation displacing at least 80,000 people, consuming over 10,000 hectares of prairie and forest land, destroying approximately 1600 buildings while some neighbourhood have lost up to 80% of its homes and causing millions of dollars in damage as entire neighbourhoods were laid to waste. As residents of Fort Mac temporarily resettle in surrounding towns, industrial camps and make their way to Edmonton and Calgary, an appeal by municipal government has called in an emergency response and aid from the provincial and national government, mobilization of firefighters, police and armed forces personnel to the disaster area, and has prompted an outpouring of support and donations.

In response to this appeal for aid, Canada Credit Cares, headed by Canada Credit CEO Sheldon Wolf, has just made a sizable donation to the Red Cross relief program for the victims of the Fort McMurray fire, as well as offering several homes rent free, as temporary shelter to families in need as they flee the disaster area.

In a statement about this recent generous act of charity, Canada Credit CEO Sheldon Wolf explains, “We have just made a donation to the Red Cross and encourage all individuals and corporations to do whatever they can in these times of emergency. It is absolutely mind blowing to think that that only a few days ago it was just another day for most of these people in Fort Mac. How fast things can change and whether you know any of these people or not, please keep in mind that they are still our family and they need our support right now.”

With inspired foresight, Sheldon Wolf, whom also owns a successful real estate company Empire Citi Properties which serves Calgary, Okotoks and Airdrie, is personally donating the temporary usage of several homes in the greater Calgary area. “As a proud Albertan, we have also offered up all of our vacant homes free of charge as temporary relief to those that are homeless.” He states as his contribution in response to the exodus that is making its way south caused by the mass evacuation of Fort McMurray’s over 80,000 residents.

Unprecedented, Sheldon Wolf has also made this offer in the past during times of disaster. During the Calgary flood of 2012 he offered his vacant properties in a similar manner, opening up for families forced out of their homes when the Bow River flooded large portions of Calgary and High River. He had also personally donated money to help with flood disaster assistance and even volunteered his own time and physical efforts to aid in the cleanup thereafter.

The donation of money and living space was made on behalf of the Canada Credit Cares program, the social responsibility initiative that’s an extension of the Canada Credit Improvement System™ and Canada Credit programs that have in the past led multiple charitable and philanthropic efforts including donations to Kids Up Front, the Calgary Humane Society, Inn from the Cold, Little Mutts, as well as donations and support to local families and individuals in need. During Thanksgiving their food drive saw huge donations of non-perishable items and turkeys to the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. Their Adopt-a-Family program saw to the needs of a family during the holiday season while another initiative in January was given financial help while he missed work due to surgery. Their veterans program aided active Canadian Armed Forces personnel and veterans by offering pro-bono service and dropped setup fees for their credit repair and credit rebuilding programs.

All this and more has been done through the Canada Credit Cares program as a natural extension of Canada Credit’s mission to help those in need; not just in matters of financial literacy and credit and debt related issues, but also basic human necessity and reaching out when hardship strikes and the vulnerable are affected.

The efforts of one company, however, is not enough for a disaster of this magnitude. As natural disaster strikes the oil patch capital, Sheldon Wolf calls on the corporate and business community in Calgary and beyond to do more to help the victims of the Fort Mac fire. The Canada Credit CEO encourages all corporations and communities to give generously and give back to the communities that support us and make Alberta and the nation strong.

He encourages anyone, from businesses to communities and individuals with time and money to spare, to go to the Canadian Red Cross and send their charitable donations to help aid victims of the Fort McMurray wildfire, as well as notify Canada Credit Cares through their website to call attention to community based charitable needs and raise awareness for worthwhile causes.

And at the time of writing Fort McMurray is in desperate need of help. Canada Credit Cares has answered that call and hopes others will do the same.

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Canada Credit Cares about Veterans, Waives Setup Fees for Credit Rebuilding Services

Canada Credit Cares launched its latest program for current and former members of the Canadian Armed Forces. All CAF and Canadian veteran will have their setup fees waived and be automatically approved for any Canada Credit and Canada Credit Fix programs.

Canada Credit Cares launches its latest charitable initiative today by offering Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces special discounts for its credit repair and credit score rebuilding services. Available on the Canada Credit Fix, Credit Advise, and Canada Credit, this new drive to help Canadian veterans of the armed forces offers to waive the setup fees as well as automatically approve veterans for membership into the aforementioned programs. This new drive to help Canada’s war and peacekeeping veterans is part of Canada Credit Cares’ drive to help those in need, recognizing the sacrifices veterans make in their lives in order to serve their country.

These days it is not uncommon to hear stories about financial hardships for Canadian veterans and current serving members of the armed forces. In a report released from the National Defence and Canadian Forces Ombudsman in 2013, titled ‘On the Homefront: Assessing the Well-being of Canada’s Military Families in the New Millennium’, key issues have been identified as contributing to financial hardships for Canadian forces families. Those issues include separation and hardship caused by overseas deployments, financial and employment issues for families due to geographical relocation, off base housing costs and suitable housing, sustaining gainful employment for spouses, accessing social benefits and health care, and raising families under these obstacles. Veterans wounded in the line of duty also have to handle issues involving their health care costs, loss of employment, insufficient benefits to handle financial hardship and the physical and psychological effects of their wounds. These issues have become more pronounced since Canada’s deployment to Afghanistan and the effects don’t have to be physical; it is not uncommon to hear about veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression both during and after deployment. Compounding the issue are difficulties in receiving treatment for veterans as well as receiving sufficient benefits to cover costs and make up for employment loss.

Though Canadian forces members are proud of their service and receive more support than in the past there are still veterans and current serving members of the armed forces that fall under financial hardships due to the rigors and trials of military life and post military civilian life. Under these conditions it’s difficult for anyone to maintain a positive financial record and a clean credit score. These problems are compounded when extended to their spouses, whom also have to share in the burdens involved with military life. Relocation, loss of work, injury, delays in benefits and difficulty finding gainful, stable employment result in late bills and payments that get entered into their credit reports, all which can drag down a healthy Equifax and Transunion credit score and rating.

Started last year as a response to a growing need for charitable efforts and a call to action for the corporate community to help Canadians in need, Canada Credit Cares is known for its charitable drives and financial and resource donations to families, organizations and individuals in need. Their previous work including volunteer efforts at local Calgary charity organizations such as Inn from the Cold, The Calgary Food Bank, Kids Up Front, Calgary Humane Society, Little Mutts Rescue and through adopting families in need of charitable assistance.

Aware of the financial hardships experienced by our veterans, Canada Credit and Canada Credit Fix CEO Sheldon Wolf extended an offer to waive the setup fees of his Canada Credit, Canada Credit Fix, and Credit Advise programs to all current members of Canada’s Armed Forces and previously serving veterans, as well as granting automatic approval to these programs just for applying. It is Canada Credit Cares’ way of contributing to the well-being of all active and past serving members of the Canadian armed forces, acknowledging their sacrifice and the financial issues facing hard working and loyal armed forces personnel. Wolf’s has also announced that in many cases his firm will be offering credit restoration on pro-bono basis in order to help veterans the accurate credit that they deserve.

By providing our current and past members of the armed forces automatic approval for his credit repair and credit improvement programs through Canada Credit Cares, Sheldon Wolf offers to give back to our veterans and armed forces personnel for all their loyalty, hard work and service to their country. Though sacrifices and hardship are part of the armed forces lifestyle, it should not come at the expense of their financial record or their ability to remain financially solvent. Armed forces members both past and present deserve financial solvency like anyone else.

Canada Credit Cares is proud to help alleviate financial pressures for our veterans and our current serving members of the armed forces through their latest charitable initiative.